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General characteristics

This property in Guatapé is passing the second bridge called Cuevas, leaving the Penol towards Guatapé on the right and is on the main road, has 36,334 meters and 150 meters above the reservoir, special for a hotel, a resort, cabins, a private club , in short, any hotel or tourism business. The lot is more or less halfway between Penol and Guatapé.


Our report does not include study of titles.

In order to arrive at the present commercial value, it was taken into account, in addition to the previous points exposed, the last negotiations carried out in the area, by other real estate firms affiliated with Corpolonjas de Colombia, also we consulted recognized rural property appraisers. with the aim of unifying criteria and comparing them with those issued here.

Also took into account the fact that there is already programmed an additional road from the route that from El Santuario leads to the Municipality of Guatapé, giving this area greater valorization and rapid displacement.

The Factor of Commercialization of this type of property in the current moments of the real estate market was also taken into account.

The value that we assign here, would be what a buyer would be willing to pay and a seller to receive in cash, free of all external pressure under normal market conditions.



Guatape - Antioquia - Colombia




Lot: 36,344.50 M2 = $ 3,000,000,000


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