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Investment Opportunities in Coffee Triangle

1. General Information
The Coffee Triangle: A Region of opportunity (Risaralda, Quindío and Caldas)
Risaralda – Pereira

• Average weather: 24°C
• Population in Risaralda 2011: 930,518 inhabitants
• Population in Pereira 2011: 459,667 inhabitants
• Risaralda GDP 2010: US$ 4,587.2 million
• Risaralda GDP per capita 2010: US$ 4,958.50
• Risaralda Surface Area: 4,140 km2
• Pereira Surface Area: 702 km2.

Caldas – Manizales

• Average weather: 18°C
• Population in Caldas 2011: 980,267 inhabitants
• Population in Manizales 2011: 390,084 inhabitants
• Caldas GDP 2010: US$ 4,821.1 million
• Caldas GDP per capita 2010: US$ 4,927.80
• Caldas Surface Area: 7,888 km2
• Manizales Surface Area: 477 km2

Quindío – Armenia
• Average weather: 20°C
• Population in Quindío 2011: 552.755 inhabitants
• Population in Armenia 2011: 290.482 inhabitants
• Quindío GDP 2010: US$ 2,513.3 million
• Quindío GDP per capita 2010: US$ 4,572.50
• Quindío Surface Area: 1,845 km2
• Armenia Surface Area: 115 km2

Caldas, Risaralda, and Quindío are the three departments that make up the region referred to as the Coffee Triangle. Here the best and smoothest coffee in the world is grown and for which Colombia has received worldwide recognition.
Located in the Central West section of the Andean region, the three departments host a population of 2,463,540 inhabitants. In addition to the touristic appeal of its beautiful landscapes, the area has developed its vast potential for investment in the automotive sector, agribusiness, cosmetics and hygiene products, hotel and touristic infrastructure, and service outsourcing.
The Matecaña and El Edén international airports are found in the cities of Pereira and Armenia respectively; while the Nubia de Manizales airport receives both domestic and regional flights. The distance between these three cities and the capital city is not longer than a one-hour flight. Colombia is less than 6 hours away by airplane from any of the main cities in the Americas. According to Airhelp scores 2017, El Dorado International Airport is: #1 in Latin America and #11 Worldwide.
Furthermore, the region’s population is indisputably talented: according to the National Ministry of Education, between 2001 and 2010, more than 90,000 students graduated from higher education programs in the region. As a result, the area is highly suitable for investing in service outsourcing.

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