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General characteristics

San Rafael de la Loma, Vereda El Manzano.

Geo Position: 4 ° 42’40.13 “N. 75 ° 36’46.47” W

General location: Intermediate point between Pereira and Armenia, Coffee Highway.

17.5 km from Pereira and 25.0 km from Armenia.

In the sector there is a vocation towards hotel establishments promoting nature, Eco-Hotels. Likewise, the road is well served by roads and restaurants to serve the growing traffic flow from/to Pereira-Armenia and Bogotá.

The Panaca and Coffee Theme Park are located one hour away and the Cocora Valley in Salento only half an hour away.


General information

Location: 17.5 Kms on the Pereira – Armenia road. Vereda El Manzano

Elevation: 2,000 meters above sea level.

Total Area: 164 acres

Sub-urban area: 74 acres

Water Reserve Area: 90 acres

Strategic site located in the center of the triangle of economic activity formed by the three main cities of Colombia: Bogotá (one hour by plane), Medellín (four hours by road) and Cali (three hours by road).

Place of cultural traditions, eco-tourism and exceptional landscape

The metropolitan area of Pereira – Armenia – Santa Rosa, Manizales and its surroundings, composes an interconnected economy with similar characteristics that has excellent land routes and maximum 1½ hours between end points and houses approximately two million inhabitants.

The Coffee Zone of Colombia, selected by the United Nations as Cultural Heritage of Humanity ( ), besides being the region that produces the best coffee in the world, represents a region enriched with culture and traditions that drove the development of Colombia since the end of the 19th century.

The combination of hills of average height with the proximity to the mountain range and its snowy peaks offers a superior opportunity for eco-tourism already in the process of development and with state incentives.

The property has a front on flat ground of 350 mts. approx. on the Coffee Highway, with an excellent opportunity to offer both transit tourism services and accommodation and services of greater value to passengers interested in eco-tourism. The specialized tourist vocation of the region is underway and the infrastructure is developing consistently.

According to a study by Proexport/Procolombia and other entities of the National Government, Coffee Axis is emerging for foreigners as a high quality destination offering “joy, hospitality and cultural richness”.



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